The purpose of the vendor booths is to provide a festival-goer with an enhanced experience of the Lake City Uncorked Wine & Music Festival. This includes:

  • Food booths
  • A beer booth
  • Artisan booths
  • The musicians may sell merchandise.
  • Lake City DIRT sells Lake City Uncorked Wine & Music Festival t-shirts.
  • Contact DIRT for the policy regarding use of poster, logo, and name license.
  • Vendors must apply to Lake City DIRT and then will receive notification that they have been approved.  Lake City DIRT reserves the sole right to reject any vendor.
  • Lake City DIRT will attempt to provide a diversity of types of booths.
  • Preference will be given to local vendors in accordance to our Buy Local values.

Considerations for vendors:

  • Vendors must complete the vendor application & pay the vendor fee.
  • Vendors must collect 7.9% sales tax on all sales.
  • The vendor is responsible for the payment of taxes to the appropriate agencies.
  • Vendors must sign a release statement.
  • Electricity may/may not be available for vendors.
  • Vendors must agree to abide by set-up and tear-down times.
  • No dogs are allowed in the park.
  • No distribution of literature inside the gates other than business cards to reduce waste in the park.

Lake City DIRT
PO Box 973
Lake City, CO  81235

970-944-3478 • 970-596-9071

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Lake City Uncorked Wine & Music Festival is hosted by Lake City DIRT, a 501(c)3 dedicated to historic preservation and economic revitalization.  All proceeds benefit the community of Lake City. 

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