2022 Wine List TBD

2019 Wine List

2019 Wine List

Wine tasting is broken down into three parts - color, smell and taste.  You don't just drink wine, you experience it!

Wine Tasting Tips

Evaluating by sight.

  • First, look straight down into the glass, then hold the glass to the light, and finally, give it a tilt, so the wine rolls toward its edges. This will allow you to see the wine’s complete color range, not just the dark center.  It should be vibrant; it's a live product.
  • Tilt the glass and look through the wine toward the table to measure clarity.  You should be able to read through the wine.
  • Looking down, you get a sense of the depth of color, which gives a clue to the density and saturation of the wine.
  • A murky wine might be a wine with chemical or fermentation problems.

 Evaluating by smell.

  • Take in the aroma.  Swirl the wine around in the glass to release the aromas then put your nose to it.
  • You are seeking out aromas, including berries, oak and citrus.
  • Young white wines and young sparkling wines may have a scent very reminiscent of beer.  This is from the yeast.
  • Floral aromas are particularly common in cool climate white wines like riesling and gewurztraminer.
  • Some dessert wines smell strongly of honey.Young white wines and young sparkling wines may have a scent very reminiscent of beer.  This is from the yeast.
  • Older wines have more complex, less fruity aromas.
  • Scents of mushroom, damp earth, leather and rock can exist in many red wines.

  Evaluating by taste.

  • The final step is to take a sip of your wine.  Take in air as the wine sits in your mouth.
  • You will encounter a wide range of fruit, flower, herb, mineral, barrel and other flavors.  Use your taste buds to determine if the wine is balanced, harmonious, complex, evolved, and complete.

Festival Rules

This is a rain or shine event - no refunds on ticket purchases.

  • No dogs allowed in park.
  • ID's are required.
  • Personal tents are not allowed within the Festival boundaries.
  • No outside alcohol, glass, or video cameras are allowed in the park.
  • Ages twelve and under are free.
  • Small bistro tables may be allowed in the back of the park if space allows.
  • The Lake City Uncorked Wine & Music Festival and its volunteers reserve the right to refuse to serve beer or wine to anyone visibly intoxicated.
  • Setting up chairs or blankets to reserve space inside the Festival boundaries is not allowed until the gates open.

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